The Wraith: Shangri-La

In September 2003, Insane Clown Posse was voted the worst band of any musical genre in Blender, with The Wraith: Shangri-La named as the group’s worst album.[18] Despite describing Insane Clown Posse as “imbecilic white rappers”, the magazine complimented the album for its “charming, good-natured idiocy.”[19] — Wikipedia entry on ICP

Considering all the other crap they had put out prior to this, the message of the liner notes and “Thy Unveiling” really don’t come as a surprise at all. It’s always been obvious that they believe in God and heaven and hell, and are looking to spook other morons into toeing a Christian line in order to get through the pearly gates and perpetually indulge in drug abuse, violence, treating women like pieces of meat, and other suitably holy activities. (*yawn*) Most of the album strongly reflects this.

The Butterfly story: It’s cute that they are that sensitive to the plight of an insect, but heaven’s a lie. Learn from your mistakes and move on, instead of turning them into justification for self-righteous belief in bullshit.

Welcome to the Show

  • ‘hate to be yall. and have a juggalo shatter my skull for the carnival’: Implies that juggalos are somehow the most moral people and have the right to send others to hell (Condemning people to eternal torture is itself immoral, btw. :p).

Get Ya Wicked On

  • Misogyny.

Birthday Bitches: mutha facko.


  • Misogyny.
  • Third reference to their fondness for Nyquil abuse.

The Staleness: brang.

Hell’s Forecast: threw (through).

Homies: neden (pussy).

Ain’t Yo Bidness

  • Second reference to abusing Tylenol.

Cotton Candy & Popsicles

  • Misogyny.
  • Homophobia.

The Raven’s Mirror: lease (least).

The Wraith

  • Fear of death is decried on the basis of having “eternity” to look forward to. Translation: YOLO, don’t take care of yourself, just hurry up and die so you can go to our imaginary dreamworld in the sky.

Thy Unveiling

  • ‘ain’t about making a buck’: Gee, could’ve fooled me.
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