Beverly Kills 50187

If 12-year-old kids were responsible for this image, I could let it slide. A grown man drew this, and another grown man agreed to use it as a CD cover. Unbelievable.

Beverly Kills: finna, jokero.

  • Misogyny.
  • Homophobia.
  • Rape.

17 Dead: baddy (batty), meat (meet), nutsac (nutsack).

  • Stupid “yo mamma” joke.
  • Pseudo-Christianity.
  • Misogyny.

The Stalker: haugh (house), ditso.

  • Misogyny.

In the Haughhh!: haugh (house), patten-leather (patent-leather), wiked (wicked).

  • Homophobia.

Chop! Chop!

  • Misogyny.

Joke Ya Mind: finna.

  • Pseudo-Christianity.
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