Dog Beats

Anyone who thought this was a good idea for a CD cover obviously isn’t very bright.

Ghetto Zone: sac-chasing (sack-chasing)

  • Sympathetic to gangbanging.
  • ‘Southwest Detroit is condemned one’s home’: WTF?
  • Misogyny.
  • Racism. (‘By no nappy-headed, bare-footed, crackheaded sewer skank’)

Wizard of the Hood: hastle (hassle), finning, zoo suit (zoot suit), should of (should have).

  • ‘And it bland my motherfucking eyes bet’: WTF?
  • Stole the flow for this track from N.W.A.’s “Fuck the Police”.

Life at Risk

  • Misogyny.
  • Sympathetic to gangbanging.

Dog Beats

  •  Terrible recycling of the famous “Atomic Dog” sample.

From the same photoshoot. Looks like we got ourselves a badass over here. How the fuck does anyone take these idiots seriously?

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