Repeatedly in music from Psychopathic Records (Abbreviated as PR from here on out.), some very noxious themes pop up. It’s important to understand what I’m talking about when I mention them. In no particular order:

misogyny: 1. hatred of women; prejudice against female persons.  2. bigotry against women.  It is “manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women” (Wikipedia entry).  The mildest form of this in PR’s music is calling women “bitches”, “hos”, “sluts”, etc; the most extreme forms encompass the gleeful murder, torture, and rape of women (usually justified by slut-shaming).

rape: 1. a form of assault involving the non-consensual use of the sexual organs of another person’s body.  2. the coercion of another person into providing one with sexual gratification.  As rape is the ultimate affront to human dignity, I usually highlight it separately from misogyny for emphasis.

homophobia: antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, irrational fear, hatred, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. ICP’s material includes gems like dissing people for being “faggots”, beating up a man for coming onto them, and killing a kid for being gay.

“Perpetuates harmful stereotypes of mental illness.”: Schizophrenia is a serious organic brain disorder. It’s not being a ‘twisted serial killin’ juggalo’. Depression and schizophrenia are two entirely different things. Schizophrenia and psychopathy are two entirely different things. Psychopathy and depression are two entirely different things. PR artists are too uneducated to make these vital distinctions in their lyrics, and instead promote the idea that psychosis, mood disorders, extreme violence, and serial killing all go together. The negative impact of this is twofold: the general population fears and stigmatizes mental illness more, and the mentally ill internalize the idea that they should be violent and are inherently bad.

pseudo-Christianity: using symbols and concepts from the Christian religion in a completely shallow, hypocritical way while displaying no real understanding of its scripture. Examples include the Dark Carnival and Mormonism.

quasi-mysticism: feel-good bullshit or a pathetic attempt to sound ooky-spooky, usually laced with vague, plastic spiritual concepts, irrationality, and cultural appropriation.

glorifies or sympathizes with gangbanging: I point this out only because it contradicts the common juggalo refrain that they’re “not a gang”, “have nothing to do with gangs”, and anti-juggalo people “should focus on real bad guys – like gangs”. The truth is that ICP started out as a self-styled gang and present a very sympathetic picture of gang life, and that many juggalos take that as encouragement to act as a gang themselves.

stereotyping Southerners / knocking the rebel flag: Personally I would shit on a Confederate flag given the opportunity. The reason I point out this feature of ICP’s lyrics is because it makes all the juggalos out there who use the Confederate flag (and there are plenty) look even dumber. Stereotyping southerners not only makes ICP total hypocrites for ever having signed Boondox to their label, it also pisses in the faces of juggalos who have  “Southern pride”.


The misspelled or misused words, as well as many of the made-up words, are only pointed out because they are another consistent set of evidence of ICP’s illiteracy and general intellectual laziness.  I omitted as much slang as I could stand to.  The fake word “neden” is highlighted because of how sad it is that two grown men can’t use the words “pussy”, “vagina”, “twat”, etc when discussing female genitalia, and are too uncreative to use metaphors for it.



Need me to spell out another term or issue? Request it by commenting below.

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